About the Blog

This web page serves many purposes.

First and foremost, I hope this website inspires me to share my story. It is not easy while out on the road to spend large amounts of time writing, compiling, transferring, and doing all the necessary work to keep a blog going. This website provides the perfect medium for the unfolding of the adventure and a grand life experience, a virtual scrapbook and journal to refresh my memory when I need it. I hope some day my kids can read it and realize that dad was an explorer. Street cred, ya know. Maybe I will use it to freshen up memories some day for story time with grandpa in the rocking chair… Who knows.

The website is also meant to be useful for other cyclists and travelers going to the same places that I have gone in South America. I will continue to post “route” blogs, that will give fellow cyclists and idea of the road conditions and experiences along the way. Also hopefully I can share wisdom I gain along the way that will be useful for planning an adventure. I want people to reach out to me through my blog to ask me questions and give me useful information when they have it.

Finally, I hope the website inspires others to travel and to follow their dreams. We may never know how we inspire people or how our stories affect others, but my wish is that this forum acts as a medium for getting my story to as many people as possible. Many of the blogs I read before I left inspired me to take the leap. I hope this website does the same for you.

Be Well!

2 thoughts on “About the Blog

    • Zyndra!

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I hope our paths cross again. When I finish this trip crossing South America, I don’t think my travelling will be through. Maybe the Caribbean Islands next 🙂

      I hope life is beautiful for you. Thank you for staying in touch.

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