Doggy- I’ll miss him the most (love ya mom and dad)

Jagger has been the most consistent being in my life for nearly 6 years.  He has lived in 6 different places with me, been through 20 or so room mates and likely as many girlfriends. He has shared my bed, pooped on my floor, made me laugh, made me furious, shown incredible empathy, and just been an all around damn good pet and companion.

I will miss my parents dearly while on this tour, I will miss my wonderful sisters, I will miss my friends, but I can still communicate with them via phone and Skype.  The exchange of life stories, emotion, and love is still a clear reality.

With Jagger on the other hand, our primary means of communication is… non-verbal.  I’m going to miss waking up in the morning only to find out that I am sleeping in the shape of a question mark half on and half off the bed, because Jagger has pushed me out of the way somehow to claim the center and softest part of the bed surrounded by my pillows (that he’s not even using).  I’m going to miss when he yawns in my face, and the resulting wet penny smell of his breath.  I’m going to miss watching him carry socks around in his mouth for hours on end.  I’m going to miss watching him do downward dog and making the strangest noises I’ve ever heard a dog make.  I’m going to miss petting him while I read a book or work on the computer, especially when he lays his little snout on my leg. I’m going to miss the Jagger-Jagger butt dance that he does every time I, or anyone really, comes in the door.

Dogs are resilient and adaptable (they also have a very limited concept of time), so I know he will be more than fine.  Jagger will be staying with one of my old room mates, Aaron, who loves him very much as well, but dang, I’m gonna miss him alot.

Here’s to you Jagger!!  No pup in South America will ever take your place, but if a gangly, prancing, butt wagging dog ever crosses my path I’ll be sure to stop and pet him, and think of you.  I love you man… pup.


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