It’s time to go

It was a whirlwind leading up to departure. After spending more than a month at my parent’s house in Hammond, Louisiana, somehow it came down to the last 5 minutes to make it to my rental car on time. I haphazardly thew everything into my bags, left carnage all over the house in the form of the remnants I left behind, and off my mom, dad, Jagger, and myself went to pick up my car. Our good bye took 45 minutes or so and was a combination of single hugs, sandwich hugs, tears, parting thoughts, a more hugs and tears. It felt like we had finally all reached peace regarding the trip, and I was sent off with love. Eventually we said our final good byes, and my parents drove off. I define the beginning of my journey being this point; I was out of the nest. The only choice now is to flap my little wings.

Momma and MattDadandMattFam

I got into my rented Impalla, and I couldn’t help but sing “Wanna be a baller” over and over. “wanna be a balla’, shot calla’, 20” blades on the Impalla!!”.. The drive was uneventful otherwise. I arrived in Atlanta, GA and spent the first hour or so with my old room mate Aaron who will be keeping Jagger for the duration of my trip. Then I set off to a tavern to close down the bar with two of my best friends in Atlanta Kirl and Lani. We stayed up way too late which resulted in minimal sleep.

On Monday I visited my old lab, and was reminded both why I love these people but also of the reasons that I am taking this trip. I spent Monday night first with my old room mate Ryan and then with my wonderful neighbors David, Mason, Devon, and Colin. We had some delicious Vietnamese food discussing life, travel, and purpose and then spent an hour or so listening to some of their recent musical and art collaborations and chatting about it. They have two amazing projects going on right now: The first is a project where people come together to make art deep down in caves called Speleogen, and the other is a collaborative sound collage based on a different theme ever month, taking you on epic journeys through sound story telling, called Roam. I got in bed around 1 for a nice 3 hour nap before I would head towards the plane which would carry me towards the journey of a lifetime.

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