My bags are packed….I’m not ready to go

I went to sleep at 2 AM to wake at 4 to begin my journey South. Lani, one of my dearest friends in the world, was more than happy to pick me up. Saying goodbye to Jagger was very difficult. It took three return trips, peaking back in the door each time to get one last look at my beautiful and inquisitive puppy, each trip sealed with a long kiss on the head, before I could finally leave for good. “He will be okay” I told myself. Teary eyed, once again, I got in the car with Lani to head to the airport.


When we got to the airport, you’ll never guess, I had a hard time saying goodbye to Lani. Lani represented my last tendril, barely clinging on in a powerful current, to the only world that I really knew. My fear, insecurities, and apprehension were fully realized in the moment his car pulled away.


I stood there with my two huge boxes and my backpack, completely unsure of how I could get them all into the airport by myself; my first conundrum. I slapped my backpack on, put one 30lb box under one arm, and dragged my 45 pound box as I walked backwards into the airport. I thought to myself, Hey, look at me, I’ve got this.

After checking in I was asked to take my bike box to the oversized luggage area. As soon as I walked over there with my bike, taped with approximately 100 feet of tape of three different kinds, the lady said, “you know I’m gonna open that, right?” I looked at her in disbelief, and asked her to please tape it up with gusto when she was done. I walked towards the terminal.

The plane rides were largely uneventful. From my seat on the flight leaving Ft. Lauderdale, I was able to see all three of my boxes being safely loaded onto the plane. On both legs, I had an entire row of
seats to myself. Thanks Spirit airlines. I don’t think you deserve a 1.2 star yelp review at all.


6 thoughts on “My bags are packed….I’m not ready to go

  1. Those that say they can and those that say they cant are both right. I believe in you buddy and i look forward to talking with you about your experiences.

  2. I’ll hope you in Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina to eat the best “asado” around the world. Good luck, enjoy it every moment to the trip.

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