They play football (soccer) here

7/4/2014 Jeve, Ecuador

There are no televisions, computers, or gaming systems here. There is only work, family, conversation, … and football.

Teams are set, and the game commences. With every step, a dust cloud follows. When an attack begins, it looks more like a stampede than a coordinated event.


There is one fat goalie, one skinny; the players are old and young, but they all play football quite well. Their coordination astounds me.

Night begins to fall, there are no lights; neither of these things seem to be important to the players.

The third quarter begins?


The fat goalie eats an empanada, brought to him by the rowdy men watching from behind the goal. He finishes it just in time to make an impressive save.

An adorable dog watches with me, disinterested.


3 to 2, the game ends; everyone seems happy.

3 thoughts on “They play football (soccer) here

  1. good pictures!!!……also my grandmother always said: “Usually if someone is loved by dogs….you can trust him” 🙂

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