A delicious and delicate meal in Zapatoca, Colombia. The salad on the left was special; I ordered a second.

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  1. hi matt, I hope you followed my recommendation because the food in Colombia is the best, thanks to its wide variety of flavors, aromas and textures, because nothing compares to being in santander and eating goat with pepitoria (it’s a very special rice and delicious) and if you went through Zapatoca, you should try the cocadas (coconut candys) and if not try it, even this time while you’re in santander
    you have a great journey on the road you find people to fill knowledge and Latino culture.
    remember that you are very lucky because this experience will be unforgettable .. QUE DIOS TE ACOMPAƑE!!!

  2. Silvia!!

    I just got a blog post up where I mention you! Check out ‘stuck between a rock and another large rock’!

    I have tried lots and lots of good food. When I find the coconut candies, I will try them too. I haven’t been able to eat an empanada however, since my bad experience.

    I hope all is well with you!

    • oki doki, Yes, please, do not eat anything that has more than a day old, or have to visit, not a beautiful town, but if a Colombian hospital

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